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Day Two of Sick Kid, Day Two of Working from Home, Day Two of Random HDTV Observations

Help me Jezzies, for I may go bananas. My poor spawn has a fever for the second day. It's so adorable that first graders are UPSET ABOUT MISSING SCHOOL. But holy crap, I hate working from home. Mr. Demic has started his grad program, so he can't stay home with her. So me and my work laptop are about to get productive. I MISS PEOPLE. I hate not talking to any other people all day. Not that lil' Demic and Mr. Demic aren't people, but c'mon. I talk to them all the time. And one of 'em is sick- not exactly pleasant company.

Also, we have for some reason had HGTV on in the background yesterday, and I have some random observations to share:

HGTV is a very... caucasian channel, isn't it? Has anyone told them that people of other ethnicities might own a house?


Then again, maybe people of color are smart to stay away, because wow are people very shallow on this channel.

Also- I LOVE SEEING OTHER PEOPLE'S HOUSES. Because I am shallow and nosy.

Also also- these dudes are FINE:

You guys can come renovate my basement ANYTIME, if you know what I mean.

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