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Welcome To The Bitchery

A mother in North Carolina is furious after security footage from her 3 month has old son’s daycare seems to show a worker breastfeeding him. The mother says her son is lactose intolerant and became ill after shortly after being breastfed by the worker.

The Director of the daycare says that the worker no longer works at the facility, and the police are investigating to see if charges should be laid.

What do you think, Groupthink?

The first thing that pops into my mind is that the daycare worker was some sort of 0verbearing lactivist , who saw a kid being fed formula, and set out to prove that “breast is best”.


At the very least it indicates someone with pretty big boundary issues, I think.

It just strikes me as creepy. I know women have breastfed each other’s babies since the dawn of time, but the lack of consent here is wrong, even if the child didn’t have specialized medical needs. If she has done this before (which I think kind of likely) she could end up spreading thrush or other skin infections among the babies.

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