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Welcome To The Bitchery

Days From Hell

First, uber exam stress, then my great uncle dies, then my heart gets crushed into four billion pieces by LM. Long story short, he likes me but has his personal stuff which I am very sympathetic to. What I am not understanding of is when he says stuff like "I can really see us working together but I don't want to hurt your ex by being with you." Yeah, they met through me this past summer. They only talk about sports, so that's pure BS. I wish he had the balls to say that even though he's going through a hard time, I am worth trying to be with. (When he's ready.) But no, he'd rather keep saying how great I am without making any steps. He'd rather use my ex as an excuse. I know I matter to LM. I have been there through all his terrible setbacks. But clearly I am not good enough in his eyes if he uses my ex as a buffer. Fuck it all. I finally found a guy who liked me for who I was. Most guys see my wheelchair and run away. But we were close friends who became more and now I crying in my room because he broke my heart.

Guys never care enough to be honest with me. I am 21 and still no one ever cares.


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