No Sunday DBT post.

Getting my bloodwork done and a whole series of other things means I’m not coping particularly well right now. e.g I smoked almost that whole pack of cigarettes (only 10 in the damned thing) and when back to playing World of Warcraft. I had a huge addiction to it, so when I go back there it means I numbing out. I’m not in in the red or anything. I just don’t feel like engaging with people or writing about my health this Sunday. I need to save my resources to take care of me.

(Yes, the image is suppose to be funny. The house is hardly on fire. I’ve taken in the jack o lanterns and turned off the lights and now am eating the candy myself.)

I’m not gonna be mad at myself for not doing the homework this week. I actually did do it, I got my blood work done. I just can’t seem to mentally get back into this world.


Also, I think I’m also gonna stop posting the Trauma series. This week just depressed me too much.