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The collection or the Wrap around. Yup, I’ve finally hit where I started in DBT. The program I am in you get to go through it twice. The first time is to warm you up to concepts, the second time is to understand them and hopefully practice them. It’s been a long 9 months. (2 months of ERPS, 7 of DBT). I’ve made leaps and bounds and I am still working hard to get better.

I’ve decided to make a post with all the ERPS, DBT and Trauma postings together. Oh yes the whole series started because I was 100% certain I was not in the right therapy group and all of this was bullshit. It turns out I was wrong. And it looks like I may have accidentally written a damned book.


The big question is: How do I feel?

Well, much better but I still think that’s loaded question. :P


Am I in the wrong therapy group?
Group Therapy 2: DBT Validation comes off as patronizing and insincere
Group Therapy Follow up: Holy crap that mindfulness stuff works
Group Therapy 3: Thoughts on Fear and Pain
Group Therapy 4 : Facts and Feelings
Group Therapy 5: Check facts and Opposite Action
Group Therapy 6: Exposure and Positive Experience
Group Therapy 7 - Final Session
I got the call!
DBT Session 1: New Room and Driving
DBT Session 2: Time Travel and Distress Tolerance
DBT Session 3: Even more Distress Tolerance
DBT Session 4: Radical Acceptance
Cancellation Rumour (DBT)
DBT Session 5 : The end of Distress Tolerance
DBT Session 6: Validation and Hard Truths
DBT Session 7? I kinda don’t remember.
DBT Session 8: The Body: Betrayer and Destroyer of Worlds
DBT session 9: “I’m sad, I’m sad,” and “you know better now.”
DBT Session 10: Learned Behaviours and ‘shoulds’
DBT Session 11: On new things
DBT Session 12: Clear the room
Well that’s upsetting (DBT?)
DBT Session 13: Weathering the storm
DBT Session 14: Aim for Perfection
Ugh family boundaries (DBT)
DBT 15: On Boundaries
Rage-y Ragersen. (DBT)
DBT 16: The myths we tell outselves
DBT 17: Problematic Titles
I found a new trigger (DBT)
DBT 18: G I V E
DBT 19: DBT on Vacation
DBT 20: The catch up
“You have a thing for Bad boys.”
DBT 21: “We need to teach you how to fear again.”
DBT 22: Wise Mind
DBT 23: Tell me how to feel
DBT 24: What do you feel?
DBT 25 : No post.
DBT 26: Being STRONG and the Canadian medical system
DBT 27: Building Positives
DBT 28: In the Emergency Room
DBT 29: Climbed a mountain
Trauma 1 : You were having a flashback
Trauma 2: Rejection
Trauma 3 : Letting the pus out

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