I love to procrastinate. I am a master at avoiding work. A later post because I’m writing a take home exam right now and I need a break. I basically need to get 50 % to get a 70 in the course. I love to procrastinate, which there are pros and cons.

Which brings me to Pros and Cons.

Now this isn’t really an easy thing, and it kinda involves some double negatives which can get a bit confusing. Other times it’s actually fairly clear what the answer is.

We all have habits we aren’t particularly fond of, or habits that we like but aren’t great for us as a whole. Pros and Cons helps you see the Pros and Cons of a behaviour and the Pros and Cons of trying not to do that behaviour. Certain things are a bit easier to outline. e.g It was easy to see the Pros of going to the ER ( Pro: I’ll get better and I am taking care of myself, Con: it will be scary, and what if they don’t believe me?) rather than avoiding it (Pro: I’ll be safe at home, Con: I might get worse in an unexpected way, I’ll get yelled at for avoiding it, I’m not taking care of myself, I’m injuring myself). Other things, like shopping or putting myself down, are surprisingly difficult.

I am binge shopper, but I can control myself (sorta) and part of the problem is I actually don’t make a lot of money. All purchases, even ones that are well researched, feel bad because I often need to go into debt to do things like: get a root canal, new clothes for work, go on vacation etc. That’s were it gets confusing, because I have trouble drawing the line between what is a meaningful purchase and what isn’t and I try to punish myself for all things. That one I’ll need to work on.

Putting myself down, at times can feel like constructive criticism and self awareness, which makes it seem like a good idea, but it probably isn’t. We did that one at group and I drew a blank as to why self critique was a bad thing, but I don’t think I do it to an extent anymore that I cause harm. It’s a little more positive like “I did that thing wrong, I have made note of it and now I’ll have better judgement in the future” whereas other people might drift into “I will always be crap.” which is not helpful. I use to be part of the “I am bad” group and I am slowly transitioning into the “This was a bad thing I did” rather than “I am a bad person.”


The point is to make a list so you can see how behaviours aren’t helping you, even if you feel that they are helpful.

Procrastination on take home final Exam

Pros of Procrastination

-It feels sooooooo good right now (instant gratification)

-I get to do other things!

-I don’t get to look at my exam and feel uncomfortable or stressed out

-Everything is much better than writing an exam

Cons of Procrastination

-I feel that stress building (increase stress)

-I have less time to do my work

-I might fail

-All of my current activities are clouded with guilt for avoiding my exam

-I am wasting my time

-I’ll probably stress cry

-It will be harder for me to pass the exam

Pros 0f writing the exam aka not procrastinating

-It will be done

-I’ll be guilt free

-I’ll be satisfied that I passed (It’s online, so it’s marked right away, and I have 3 attempts)


-I can enjoy activities without guilt

-I don’t have to worry about it anymore

-I’m not avoiding it

-I’ll have more time to write the exam

Cons of writing the exam and not procrastinating

-I’ll feel uncomfortable because I might fail

-It hurts my brain

-I actually have to use my brain


So we’ve got our lists. Although Procrastinating looks and feels like a good option, it really comes with a lot of downsides and unnecessary stress. By comparison doing the exam, while it will make me uncomfortable is actually better for me in the long run.


Now, I gotta go and not fail my exam.