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DBT 34: The break

It that time of year again when I have short DBT break. Both my private therapist and group leaders have gone on holiday. I get a week off from group and 3 weeks from private. Normally, this would piss me off, but I need the break. I ended up getting another job, so basically, work work.

I’m also having a bad-ish day at one of my jobs. Essentially everything broke all at once. I’d normally assume was my fault and beat myself up for failing. But today, I’m not. I calmly called my on-call supervisor and managed to fix some of the errors over the phone and the other problem I cleaned up and left a note for the next shift.

My homework for the next few weeks is to think about my sexual identity. I started to do and wrote this yesterday. Coming to the realization that I don’t want to date right now.

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