Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

With all apologies for my horrid short-term memory and lack of post-searching skills, if I recall correctly, haven’t a few GTers spoken (well, written) about their experiences past or current with DBT? My psychiatrist seems to think I’d be a good fit for it, and despite there usually being a months-long waiting list, there are actually some openings coming in the program here that he can queue-jumpget me into by late November.

If it’s not too personal/probing, can I ask how anyone who has done/is doing DBT finds their experiences with it? I’m course googling like a fiendgle, but first-hand accounts from trusted sources are always taken more seriously.


I of course understand if it’s a pretty heavy topic to speak of in an open space (my first little bit of reading makes it look ... intense), so even vaguaries would be fine. Or just ‘shut up, Bertolt; the first rule of DBT is not to &c &c’.

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