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DC Council Member Has Really Great Suggestion for the Redskins

Apparently, at-large DC City Council Member David Grosso has proposed the the best suggestion ever for the Redskins changing their name to something a little less...well, absurdly offensive. For anyone too lazy to click the link, his suggestion is simple, but surprising in that no one seems to have thought of it before: change the team name to the Redtails in honor of WWII's Tuskegee Airmen.

Full disclosure: I'm the hardest of hardcore DC sports fans, and I've been rooting for the Skins my entire life (although I'll always be a Bullets fan first and foremost). And me? I LOVE this idea. It is wonderful and perfect in every way. Sure, you could change it to the Braves or Warriors or something, but you're only making half-measures at that point. With this, the team wouldn't even need to change the colors or the song ("Hail to the Redtails/Planes on the warpath" works just as well as what's there now); just change the name and the logo. Further, "Redtails" is a fantastic team name because a) it's original, and b) it's badass - you're naming the team after some of the most heroic fighter pilots in our country's history.

And could there possibly be a better city to honor the Tuskegee Airmen (heroes who've never gotten their just due) than DC? There's a reason we call it "Chocolate City," and it's the same reason Robert Griffin III resonates with DC in a way he wouldn't anywhere else in America. David Grosso may have just come up with the one suggestion that the DC community would actually go for.


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