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DC Council to introduce bill for tax-free tampons, diapers

I just got this in my email and thought people here might be interested in the stats at the bottom.

The “Feminine Hygiene and Diapers Sales Tax Exemption Amendment Act of 2016” will eliminate the sales tax imposed on feminine hygiene products and diapers for children and adults. Currently, there is a global movement to end the “Tampon Tax.”

“This legislation will especially help low to moderate income mothers manage these costly expenses,” stated Councilmember Bonds.


In most states, items that are considered necessities are exempt from sales tax.

Currently, five states: Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and New Jersey have actively chosen not to tax tampons while Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island and Vermont, and Pennsylvania have chosen to exempt diapers from sales tax. Additionally, Connecticut, Maryland and North Dakota exempt adult diapers only.

Councilmember Bonds is joined on the legislation by co-introducers Councilmembers Alexander, Cheh, and Orange.

I assume other products like pads are included in the states that exempt tampons, but Tampon Tax is admittedly much catchier. It’s interesting that some states have only excluded adult diapers. Like, how do you justify that but not children’s diapers? Seems like if one is necessary, so is the other. I guess one could argue that seniors are more low-income on average, but young parents aren’t usually known to be rolling in dough either.

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