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DC friends - metro-pocalypse

I am guessing our DC GTers have heard about the impending year+ long mega clusterfuck that will be the Metrorail system. In case you haven’t, check it out: http://www.wmata.com/Images/Mrel/MF…

Are you finding that people are just ignoring this shit or minimizing it like I am? People that I know seem to not really be grasping how bad this will be. Metro cannot function on a normal day when one small problem goes wrong. This will be a nightmare if you rely on metro. And possibly even if you don’t if traffic becomes that much worse.

People need to read the details, because the ripple effects are very bad in many of the phases. Per that document, from June 18-July 3, there will be 54% FEWER TRAINS running the entirety of downtown, for the entire day. Even when your station isn’t closed, you are mostly fucked in many cases if you commute downtown for work. For TWENTY FOUR days in January and February, there are 70-83% fewer trains servicing my station.


My work is not putting out any guidance other than reminding us that it is happening. I also haven’t seen anything from the federal government at large guidance-wise. I’m very lucky to have a job and a supervisor that permit teleworking liberally, but I’m still going to have to get here a large part of the time. I’ve got an intern to supervise this summer! (Thankfully she is staying in Georgetown so she should be relatively okay. I was so worried she was staying out in Vienna or something and her first week would just be fucked. Welcome to DC!!)

Metro thoughts, rants, general commiseration?

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