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DC GT - Wanna see a feminist play?

Since I’m self/friend-promoting, feel free to promote your own stuff in this thread too!

A bunch of my friends have been working incredibly hard on a production of [all lady] Macbeth, and it looks absolutely AMAZING. It’s opening tonight and running at the Anacostia Arts Center until May 1st, so you have time to see it.

There’s a big emphasis on the role of the witches in Macbeth’s world, a slightly more sympathetic and therefore more tragic portrayal of the Macbeths (really they SHOULD have been next in line anyways due to the clan alternating system that was in place in Scotland at the time), AND ALL WOMEN ACTORS!!!! Which is even more awesome in a world filled with masculine violence and the horrors of gender power inversions.


Here’s the facebook event with a link to the tickets: https://www.facebook.com/events/9171313…

And an interview with the two leads about the show, the gender dynamics, and seeing their characters as human:

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