Hey DC GTers (and anyone who wants to make the trip!),

It’s been a while since we had a full, big meet-up. How about a summer meet-up picnic? Last year we held a potluck at the Yards Park (Navy Yard) and by all accounts it was a ton of fun. So what if we did something similar again?

Right now the best date seems to be Saturday, June 20. Our esteemed Resident Raptor leaves us soon after that for LA for forever so if June 20 ends up not working, nothing later than that please.

Also, we’re not beholden to Yards Park. That’s just all we can come up with because we’re horrible creatures of habit. So any other outdoor venue recommendations are welcome. (Or recommendations for something other than a picnic, if anyone has any other good ideas.)

So, meet-up? I’m sending out the feelers early because we want a true, big, proper meet-up where as many people as possible can come. I’ll be bumping this periodically, plus updating as we settle on details.


Clear your calendars! We have GT debauchery to attend to!