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DC Meetup: Your Queen Is Leaving You!

Hello all you crazy cool cats!

In the spirit of tradition, I’m arranging one last DC meetup. Because, as most of you probably know, I’m moving to Los Angeles.

22 days. No, I’m not counting, why do you ask?

So let’s like get together and hang out and shit before I leave!

June 20th, at The Yards. We’re gonna do a picnic. I’m thinking 2pm, as that is both a reasonable time to start Not At All Drinking Because Open Container Laws WINK WINK but also not too early. Bring finger foods that you like. If you bring a messy food, bring napkins! If you have a big blanket that you don’t mind getting a bit grassy, bring it!


I’m going to try and get there a bit early, and will likely be on the Great Lawn (see map in above link!). I recommend simply wandering up to gathered picnic-ers and asking if they’re from the internet. So far, that’s worked out well! But I think enough of you know me at this point that it won’t be difficult to figure out where our group is.


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