Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

These comics All Star Westerns 2 to 12 and Weird Western Tales 13 to 33 minus book 14. Weird Western is just All Star Westerns with a new name. The comics were made from 1970 to 176. AS 2 through 9 are bonus xomics featuring The Outlaw I am not there yet. Jonah started in 72 with ASW10

The stories are extremely violent. Jonah sadly has no origin story yet. It takes place during the Grant administration. Former confederates are hell bent on killing him. No idea why. Grant government wants to hire him.


He is like Marvel’s Punisher a killer yet we kniw why Castle became the Punisher.

Oh my question. The dialogue is filled with “wut”, “yo’re”, “tuh”, “muhself”, “ah’m” .... What form of English is this? I would think the West would have been integrated by Northen and Southern citizens. It seems this is the Hollywood stereotype these comics portray. Yet is there any trurh. We all saw old westerns where folks spoke this way.

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