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DC Showcase Presents Metal Men Volume 1 really a love story and about aspergers

I just finished the 528 page DC Showcase Presents Metal Men Volume 1 which contains Showcase 37 to 40, A Brave and The Bold comic and first 15 Metal Men issues.

I realized that fundamentally this is a love story between Dr Magnus and Platinum Robot a female robot. She loves him unconditionally and always the first to protect him from villians and death. He for most of the book kinda rebuffs her saying she has a faulty responsometer which he created to give the robots human like responses.


Its clear Magnus has a hard time socializing. Yes he dates models but as one model puts it he thinks of Platinum Robot when kissing. The model dumped him. He keeps though as friends these robots all with human qualities. Even stammering yet brave Tin looks for love by creating a robot, sadly he believes a human female would not love him.

I believe Magnus deliberately made the responsometers that way. Making a robot to love you is sad, pathetic and tragic yet I believe on a certain level he did and realized he doesn't know how to deal with it. Its about craving for unconditional love yet lacking social tools or skills to do it.


At one point Magnus even asks if the robots weren't in fact human while he was a robot. He did finally realize his love for Platinum when she wanted to sacrifice herself so he could make better robots. He was will to die with her at that point.

The adventures that had were fun, chemomonster was a good villain. Although part of me wonders if all of this was in Magnus's head and saw his gf and friends as robots and they went along with it to help him.

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