Except for running ten year old Corky Baxter has zero survival skills. I bought DC Showcase Rip Hunter Time Master which has their first 19 comics, including first 15 issues all from early 60s.

In each issue, I like how one issue is a complete story divided in three parts. Each episode Bonnie Baxter brings her 10 year old brother along. Rip, her boyfriend is cool with it.

They go with Rip’s assistant Jeff Smith, so its the four of them. Rip is the only one with survival skills but it pales to Bruce Waynes.. They including Corky has been shot at with giant quills, arrows, put in a dungeon facing death, nearly been stomped on by giant monsters, nearly died from poisonious gas. Shot at by both humans and aliens.

This is clear child endangerment even Bruce Wayne would not allow any Robin to go out in the field unless they had survival skills. Although he is also guilty of child endangerment with the first Robin who started out as a preteen. Also Damien Wayne started as a preteen and his skills far exceeded Dick Grayson’s at this age yet he was killed along with the teen Robin, Jason. This is why Bruce should have been charged for child endangerment with Damien’s death.

Oh Aquaman also had Aqualad but Aqualad had some survival skills.

Actually why has Rip put together a team of folks with little to zero survival skills. He literally has to save not just himself but Jeff, Bonnie and Corky. His team should consist of three folks who are extremely good engineers and pilots and former military.


I get so annoyed when she brings him along although now its automatic he wants to come. He is ten. She seems to be not just his big sister but also guardian their parents are never mentioned. Does she have friends or neughbors who can see after him?

Did any of these DC writers say “isn’t this child endangerment”? Bonnie is not the only one Bruce and Aquaman too.


The stories are actually fun