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As you all comic geeks know the original title for Secrets of Sinister House was Sinister House of Secret Love. Well for the first four issues but remained a gothic romance mystery for first issue of the new title.

I liked the Secret Love stories more. The romance was secondary to the mystery usually a murder mystery or will be a murder. The stories are a tad  absurd but they were different and turned out good. The story usually took an entire issue one is all but last few pages.

Now its into Secrets of Sinister House. It plops it into the House of Mystery and House of Secrets world we even meet Cain and Abel. Sinister House is owned by Eve their mother.


Here lies the problem the stories are exact same type as House of Mystery. Why? Secret Loves were different. The horror was made by humans. The Falcon Master is a scary human being. Sure he seems normal and at start you feel sorry for him then wham his secret is revealed and now everything makes sense. He is just horrible.

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