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So I'm on my way to the fertility clinic for a day 3 appointment, which means a full bladder ultrasound.

Why then, you must be thinking, am I posting to Jezebel?

There's an overturned truck up ahead and traffic is at a dead stop.

So I have a full bladder, a mostly empty gas tank and it's so humid it feels like I am sitting in a sauna.


The woman in the car in front of me is a lawyer and is going to be late for court. She has kindly offered me the use of her solicitor's gown as a privacy screen if I decide I need to squat in the bushes.

So after waiting a little while longer, I decided I there was no way I was going to make this appointment, so I called the clinic to see if I could reschedule tomorrow. Then I went behind the tall grass on the roadside, and resolved the full bladder issue.

After about an hour, a police officer came and told us to turn around, and go the wrong way down the road, and turn off at the next off ramp.

By the time I was travelling back the other way, 2 1/2 hours later, the accident had been cleared from the roadway.

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