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Deadline Management Software or Strategies?

Ugh, productive, organized people, help me. I’m basically going down in flames at work (as usual) and we are re-visiting expected turnaround times for my projects in order to manage expectations.

It’s a little hard to explain, but basically I am the only one who does my duty in my office. I work kind of parallel to a team of 5 people, and they tell me what they need and send me the relevant information when their projects reach my phase. I do the things, then it’s out of my hands again. Since their projects are all on their own schedules, they really can’t coordinate this timing with each other (it just would be impossible), so I have to kind of keep my own shit together.


I have anywhere from 10-20 active projects at a time. They all have the exact same (intended) timeline. But because I receive them at different times, I have a hard time keeping up with when I need to be done with phase 1 for this one and when to be done with phase 2 for that one.

I have tried doing this via our work calendars (Google calendar is what we all use and share) but the fact that I cannot copy events and timelines is making me insane. The “tasks” portion is too simple, unless I’m too dumb to use it.


I need something where I can be like, “ok, today I received the go ahead for Project 15. I need to have X done by this date and X done by this date and X done by this date” and I don’t want to have to re-figure it out every time! I have a spreadsheet that helps, but I want something set up more like a calendar that will send me reminders and shit.


ETA: Really, really small scale. I won’t be able to get them to spend a lot of money (but maybe a teeny bit) on just me, haha. They all use some sort of collaborative software that doesn’t really help me for my stupid problems.

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