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Deal Unbreakers?

I've seen a few posts where people talk about automatic turn-offs or deal breakers when it comes to getting to know new people. I want to talk about the opposite of that - your turn ons, deal un-breakers (I wish I could find an Archer gif of Pam saying this), or just general traits that make a person infinitely more awesome all of a sudden.

For me, I like someone about a thousand times more if they are genuinely kind to animals. And if that person is a romantic interest, it becomes a total panty-dropper.

Last week my boyfriend trapped a little brown mouse that had been cohabiting with him. It was one of those sticky traps, and once she was caught he couldn't get her out of the glue. He left her out hoping that she would die, but she lived through the night and he was really upset that she was stuck there for hours suffering. He finally told me about it, and I googled it and figured out a way to free her (oil will get mice out of glue traps, FYI). He didn't even hesitate to free her, and he was so fucking happy and relieved that she was out of that trap. Also really, really mad at himself for not googling it right away - it just hadn't occurred to him that freeing her was possible.


The fact that he lost sleep over the whole ordeal, and then went out of his way to rescue her was just so fucking endearing that I was completely swooning. And then I realized that all of my important relationships have been with men who share this trait. Even if I'm not immediately attracted to someone right away, finding out someone will go above and beyond for animals apparently just does it for me. Oh, you're a cantankerous ex-goth* who treats everyone like they're stupid, but you rescue kittens from trees? Excuse me while I remove all of my clothes immediately.

So do tell, GT: what traits are you unabashedly attracted to?

Oh, and here's the little mouse my bf rescued. Some of you GTers may remember her from my twitter post about it. Look how cute and squinty (and oily) she is!!!

*This was totally one of my exes. A huge asshole, but so sweet to kitties. Argh.

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