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Dealers at thrift shops come up with most elaborate stories

I swear if you take people at their word dealers never, ever go to thrift shops. A woman was there she bought fishing poles and American Dolls. My mother was chatting with her because the woman was asking my mother if she was going to actually buy what was in her carriage.

PSA its really rude to ask that. If its in a carriage people do not put stuff in their carriage as if it was an accessory while shopping.

The woman, late 50s, said she was sending the fishing poles to her nephews across country and the dolls too for her nieces. My mother asked “oh they like fishing”. The response was “I don’t know”. Oh give me a break. You are not going to pack fishing poles five feet long then mail them on a “I don’t know”. The dolls were worth money actually the only nonantique dolls that are on sencondary market.


People in thrift shops do not walk around saying “I am buying to resell”. I have been to enough thrift shops, way too many times, to know who is buying for themselves and who are dealers. I am positive workers there even can figure it out faster.

I have been fooled. One woman we now know when we first met her she had a bunch of nice clothes and old fabric in her cart. She told my mother it was all for charity. My mother said “oh thats really nice fabric”. I bought her line. BUT yup dealer. She has a nice booth space in a group shop and her booth consists of clothes and what she labels as “vintage fabric”. She then slipped months later and said she had other booths elsewhere.

Anyone work in thrift shops? I bet its real easy to tell customers who buy for themselves and dealers. Am I right.

Hint: If you see plastic in the carriage fairly good chance its for themselves. Plastic is kryponite for dealers.

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