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Dealing with a Depressed/Anxious SO

How do you do it?

For many, many years I've been HomeyHeart's personal Paxil. When he comes home from work frustrated or sad, I work hard to calm and comfort him. This is our pattern.


But, after many, many years, it's getting to be too much. I mean, that's a lot of responsibility for one person, ya know?

Tonight, he came home cranky and grumpy with me, simply because he had a long day at work. Instead of comforting him, I've sequestered myself in the office. I'm just tired of being responsible for his happiness and his bad moods rub off on me, even though I try to pretend they don't.

I guess I'm trying to figure out where the line is between normal partner behavior and pseudo-therapist. I feel like there's only so much one person can give and I might be running low on emotional stock.

Please don't take this to mean Homey's horrible or I'm terribly unhappy or anything. I guess I'm mostly just tired.


So, how do you deal with mental health in your relationship(s) so both partners feel cared for, without being drained?

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