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Okay, I know I’ve had a lot of roommate complaints of late, mostly due to my being the Felix in this situation. But there’s making compromises with someone not being as clean as you and then there’s this.


I went to use the bathroom today and discovered that she hadn’t properly flushed after taking a shit. This is the second time this has happened. We are a keep the lid down when you flush house, and she tends to do things very haphazardly, so my guess is that she’s just not really pushing the handle down, and since the lid is down she doesn’t know that it’s not working. BUT WHY IS THIS A THING I NOW HAVE TO DISCUSS WITH A FULL GROWN GODDAMN ADULT? I lived here for a year by myself. I kept the lid down when flushing, and I never returned to the bathroom later to find leftover shit. How do I even approach this topic? I was nervous enough because I already have to have a “please don’t put your feet on the coffee table while you’re wearing shoes” conversation with her. And now this?

Update: I texted her and explained what happened and her response was “I flush but I guess I’ll start double checking.” Do I need to flat out say that I haven’t pooped today so I know it wasn’t me? IS THAT A THING I HAVE TO FUCKING SAY?

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