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I’m in a Facebook group full of mostly women, and as is usual in them, the topic of unwanted dick pics came up. Several women suggested “find him on Facebook and send the picture to all his female relatives” or “put it on Facebook or Instagram and tag his account”. Their thought is “well, she’ll see it and make him stop”.

It is an idea I’ve seen tossed around several times, and I’m just not sure I understand why. I mean, I’ve seen the posts on Facebook or Buzzfeed or whatever where someone does that, and finds out the mom went and chewed her son out. But, I assume the more likely scenario is the mom gets it and goes “I raised him better than that. I told him not to do that....”. Because, there are more influences than just his mom telling him that it is okay.


All these women are complaining about an unsolicited dick pic....but seem to think it’s okay to send it to another person (even edited, I don’t think that’s okay). If she has been telling him this all along, and it hasn’t sunk it yet, why do they think her doing it now suddenly will. She can tell him all she wants, he doesn’t have to stop just because mommy says so. And ultimately to me, it just feels too much like making a woman taking responsibility for a man’s actions (I’m going to keep telling you to make him stop until he does it) instead of making him take responsibility for them himself.

I mean, I’m not sure of the best solution. But, I think it has to start early and be more widespread. But, I’m pretty sure a solution I can’t condone is sending dick pics to someone’s mom/sister/aunt/grandmother.

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