My godmother just died of cancer about an hour and a half ago. I'm all alone in my grief (packing for my trip when I got the call from my parents) and just need to tell someone so I didn't feel so alone and hopeless. My ticket to go back home to TN is tomorrow, so I missed her. I'm dealing with an immense amount of grief and guilt right now. I know she loves me, but I will never get to tell her again in person. Why didn't I pay the several hundred dollars more to be there today? Her cancer came on so fast. She was just diagnosed in January. Here's to EE. One of the best people I will ever know. I just needed to tell you all. I didn't want to be alone and it's 12:42am in DC. Everyone else is already asleep.

Picture below is circa 1988. That's me with the brown hair, visor and chubby cheeks.

I just needed to share how special she is to me with someone right now.