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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dealing with trolls.

So I make a YouTube video a while back talking about street harassment. It's currently the only video I have on YouTube. It's just a crappy audio video with a few pics thrown in. It's not really all that great, but I felt the need to talk about something that gives me some anxiety. Now nowhere in the video do I talk about putting people in jail or suing people. The message of the video is street harassment is common and that you shouldn't blame yourself for it. I also mention some street harassment that I have suffered.

Anyways I get some asshat that says you don't understand the legal definition of harassment. Even though he doesn't catcall women, he doesn't think it's wrong because of the First Amendment. And being Afraid of being murdered, attacted, raped or sexually assaulted is the same as being afraid to cross the street or being afraid of heights.


I'm so mad I just don't even know how to respond.

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