My wife is an alcoholic. When we first started dating she would get drunk, but was generally a happy/calm drunk and it never impacted her work/friendships/anything else. After we got married, it changed. Her drinking started bringing a deep darkness out of her and those moments would be really scary and sometimes takes weeks for her to dig herself out of. Over the past couple years she has gotten MUCH better. She has mostly stopped drinking entirely, but every once in a while she will fall off the wagon. That is where we are right now. I’m out of town on business and she isn’t going to work, isn’t responding to me or her friends, and basically isn’t functional at all. I’ve had to have a few friends check on her, so I know she is alive, but she also get really irrationally pissed at me when I do that (when sober, she gets it. when drunk, just lashes out). If we didn’t have dogs, my plan would be to leave the house until she gets out of it because of how damaging her actions are to me. But we do have dogs. And I’m away from home and scared of everything. That something will happen to her. That something will happen to the dogs. That something will happen to the house. I’m just scared. I’ve been to al-anon meetings and I’ve spent years in therapy, but leaving when this happens to preserve myself isn’t super doable and 95% of the time, she is the person I married. Just don’t know what to do for the 5% left. I don’t know if anyone has any advice, I’m not sure there really is any advice, but man, this sucks.