I read Dear Abby in my newspaper today and found the article online.

A woman and her bf like photographing and when she downloads his pictures from stores, beaches etc there are many of “pretty” women, their chests and behinds. She wants him to delete them he won’t.

I think Dear Abby is being dismissive of her but she really misses the mark. I read it and thought a) really these are spy and voyeur pictures he has no business invading folks privacy. But then I thought “oh these must be digital since the word delete came up”. Is he uploading these pictures anywhere?

He is violating women’s privacy and objectifying them its not hard pf a stretch to think he is uploading them and sharing them. I suspect this is why he does not want to delete them.


Or am I overly cynical. Abby should have asked “why is he violating stramgers privacy with voyeur pictures and is it possible he is uploading them online. He clearly objectifies women you should rethink your investment in this relationship”.

BTW what is the law on this. It seems something that technology is far ahead of what lawmakers envisioned about privacy laws when these laws were written. Law in terms of taking pictures of folks in public then sharing them with millions. Even in 80s I bet no lawmaker thought of this or even through early 90s.