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Welcome To The Bitchery

Dear America

I hope this doesn’t piss you off. My intention is that I get you to stop, see things from another particular point of view, and - if you aren’t too exhausted being the leader of the free world and all - engage in a dialogue.

See, it’s that phrase “Leader of the free world”, one which I believe you have bestowed upon yourself, that pretty much sums up your responsibilities and everyone else’s reactions.


I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the phrase “only in America!” applied to ordinary freedoms that exist in democratic countries around the world.

You seem to believe that you invented democracy, that it is the only viable form of government, and that you are the only country that “does it right”. You are wrong.

You seem to believe that freedom is a uniquely American concept. You are wrong.

You seem to believe that your constitution is enforceable for your constituents wherever they may travel in this world. You are wrong.


You seem to believe that you are uniquely qualified to pass judgment on every other country in the world, while insisting we not judge you. You are wrong.

All of this and more has resulted in a world where you seem to think you have an inherent right to go in and ‘fix’ any internal situation in any sovereign nation, while simultaneously insisting that the world turn a blind eye to how you govern yourselves.


You have meddled with other governments to ‘restore human rights’ while ignoring your own long history and current situations of human rights abuses.

You have backed dictators, raped natural resources, played countries like chess pieces, and ignored genocides and other holocausts whenever it suited your foreign policy. Or your corporations. Or your wallets. You are wrong.


And yet.

You don’t seem to understand why we are all enraged when you do something colossally stupid. Or colossally self serving. Or colossally wrong.


You call yourselves the leader of the free world? Don’t just lead. Lead freedom. 

Authors note: this missive is directed at the nebulous overall concept of AMERICA, and not at Americans in general or Groupthinkers in particular.

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