Stop joking about deporting Bieber or detaining him at the border. It's tired (like all those Rob Ford jokes!). It's not funny. Do not be surprised when we Canadians threaten you with deprivation of the Fillion or the Baby Goose. Don't get all outraged and offended. No one wants Bieber. No one.

Oh and all this 'Well you inflict all your terrible musicians on us Americans WAH' BS? This isn't just the country of Bieber and Avril Lavigne. This is the country of Feist, Sarahs Slean & McLachlan, k.d. lang, Leonard Cohen, Tegan and Sara, the Wainwrights, the McGarrigle sisters, Emm Gryner and many many other fantastic musicians.

This just pisses me off and I'm starting to snap at people on the internet. About Justin Fucking Bieber who I've been sick of since I heard of him because they started offering Bieber tours of Stratford which is a travesty to that wonderful, theatre-based community.

So yeah. Please stop.

A disgruntled Canadian.