I'm obviously still sick. While the Gas-X was eventually delivered yesterday and taking it repeatedly did allow me to sleep through the night, I then spent about two hours in the bathroom whimpering that someone should put me out of my misery. I was too miserable to play phone games or watch Netflix. Ugh.

This has been going on too long (with low fever) to be food poisoning and my body goes crazy fevertastic when I get the flu (103+ when my temp is usually 98.1). So on a hunch, I looked up Norwalk. The symptoms are consistent. It can be passed through seafood, which I ate prior to being sick at a time that allows for incubation prior to becoming symptomatic. Flareups have happened after doing the thing that is recommended to not do, which is eat something spicy.

I ate some slightly spicy leftovers last night and felt sick about halfway through a normal sized meal so I stopped. I've developed anxiety that I'll eat the wrong thing and have another incident. I seriously feel like if I stop eating I'll get well but I'm so hungry and the treatment guidelines stress continuing to eat normally.

That's bad enough but... the timing is super bad! I've been unemployed for a long time and I put a message out on Craigslist citing my qualifications and what I'm looking to do and how I could be paired with a mentor in Python as a co-mentor. I'm a bit of a special case in that I have major team lead and architecture projects under my belt but I don't know the language, so I can be mentored in the language while mentoring on architecture, patterns, best practices, etc. (I didn't link my resume so I could hide my gender.)


It's been up for two weeks and I gave up but so far this week, 3 companies have directly contacted me about jobs, including 1 referencing the Craigslist post. I've also started setup on the open source project to build a better online CAH, which is a huge resume builder and I've pulled in several experienced devs to work on it just through the announcement. And I got an ad from a company that says "Do you want to play Cards Against Humanity in the office? We do!" And there are open jobs at major startups that I know support PyLadies and have women techies— who are less experienced than I am!

And I don't feel like I can respond when I haven't eaten, when I know that I'm off my game because I'm nutrient deficient. I can't even concentrate on evaluating a bugbase so I can decide if I want to use it (Apache Bloodhound) or Bugzilla. I haven't even called about getting rent money so my rent is late because I'm just a big poopy lump. Ugh.


And I have like 3 articles in progress that I just bleahhhhhhh.

I just wanna be well cause I finally got shit to do.