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Dear cab drivers of the world,

I’m one of those people who will tip at least 15% even if the service wasn’t great.


... If you ask me nosey questions about my divorce than lecture me on how your culture is better because you have a lower divorce rate (which generally means more women are trapped in horrible marriages so don’t be bragging about that shit anyhow) and brag how when you get married you’ll never get divorced, then I am not giving you a fucking tip.


I asked for a ride to the airport, not an early morning mansplation on marriage from someone who has never been married.


A woman with no patience for your bullshit.

{And if you want to give this charmer the benefit of the doubt, lemme tell you that he also gave me an unsolicited pity play about an ex girlfriend and implied that women only care about how much money a man has. But I’m sure he’s really a “nice guy” and not in any way sexist or an asshole.}

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