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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dear Captain Awkward: I want to dump my friend and my job makes my brain hurt.

I’m writing an email to Captain Awkward right now, on how to break up with my friend, or maybe put the friendship back on the rails (if that’s even possible and I decide that’s what I want.) There’s so much that I’m actually outlining it. I don’t know if it will ever get published, but I need to get it all out somewhere. Maybe by the time I’m finished writing it the situation will be resolved. (Probably not.)



Also my job is freaking insane. So many clients are off the rails right now. I have an amazing supervisor who is a crazy-good mentor. But there’s so much batshit stuff going on right now, and I am responsible for so damn much, that every interaction is a learning opportunity, which he is mapping out for me. However, it’s super intense, and I feel like I’m simultaneously doing a great and a terrible job, because he is so involved. I get a lot of praise for what I’m doing well at, as well as a lot of guidance on how I can manage situations better, take a step back, etc. It’s not micromanagement, but it is super intense. I don’t want to ask for less help, because it is absolutely critical for me to help stave off accounts that are melting down (through no fault of my own.) But I also have to at least express that it’s really wearing me down because it’s so much to absorb and take in.

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