Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

... stop constantly telling me how superior Nikon is to Canon.

I like talking to fellow photographers about shoots we've done and our experiences with cameras. It's fun to talk shop with fellow photography buffs.

I get that you really like Nikons, have never shot with anything else, and never want to. That's cool — Nikons are fantastic cameras. For once, when we talk shop though, can you *please* not start telling me how much better your lens and your camera are?


It's really gorram annoying that when I tell you how I used a feature on my camera to help with a shoot, you respond with, "My Nikon's X feature is soooo much better than your Canon's feature because of [this, that, and the other]. Once again, Nikon proves its superiority." while having that smug asshole look on your face.

I'm generally a pretty easy-going guy, but I've already started dreaming of shoving your camera where the sun don't shine. Every time you say something that smug and assholish, I get closer to actually carrying that plan out. Please, don't make me do that.

Your fellow photog:


ETA: I forgot the best part. When I mentioned learning how to shoot on a manual film camera, he responded with a laugh, "Duh, all film cameras are manual." When I pointed out that there were many point-and-shoot film cameras that were made, he replied, "Those don't count."


They were point-and-shoot cameras that used film, therefore, THEY WERE GORRAM FILM CAMERAS.

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