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Dear Dexter Make-up Crew

I know it's a bit too late, but wtf is up with Machael C. Hall's make-up recently? The super-tan face with very pale lips is just bizarre.

See? Odd-looking. Breaks my suspension of disbelief every damn time. "Has Dexter been eating powdered donuts?" I think. I mean, they've kind of dropped his weekly donut run for the department, but that doesn't mean he's not scarfing 'em down while we're not looking. He can probably process the carbs and calories. All that killing and sexing and torching the evidence keeps a guy in shape, ya? Or maybe this is just a subtle introduction to the "Dexter creates a line of man make-up" plot line (The tagline will be: Lady Killer) that's going to close out the series. I'm not the only one who notices these things, right?


Also, I'm not sure how he doesn't creep out every person he comes into contact with. He's been doing that growly heavy breathing thing ALL THE TIME. Dexter is supposed to be all mild-mannered and harmless-seeming to the world in general. That's the facade. That's the whole IDEA. But if a man of my acquaintance breathed at me like that, while making that narrowed-eyes look, and leaning in like he's been doing with EVERYONE, I would kick him in the tenders just on principle and run off screaming.

That said, OH DEAR GOD MICHAEL C HALL IS SOOOOOOOOO HOT. I'd still kick him, tho. HARD.

Jennifer Carpenter, on the other hand, I would NOT kick. Such. Pretty. Eyes.

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