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In my class the other day this girl just got up and ran out of class like she was on fire. My professor followed her outside and when she came back in she told us that this girl had a severe citrus allergy and had to leave because someone had taken out an orange to eat. She then told us that this student had told her about the allergy on the first day of class and didn't share this information with us because my professor assumed the student had gone up to every person in the class (there are like 30 of us) and had this same conversion

No. Just No. Obviously this girl told you so you could tell the other students not to bring citrus to class without her having to identify herself and reveal personal medical information to a group of 30 strangers. How does one not get this? This woman is not a new professor, she has been teaching for years.


So to all the other educators on GT, even though you guys are probably smart enough to figure this shit out, if someone tells you they have a life threatening allergy on the first day, you should probably let your class know so they don't accidentally kill her.

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