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We are not actually friends. Let me repeat that,

I have not seen you or spoken to you for at least 4 years. You got married in that time to a person I've never met, and I was not invited to the wedding. Please don't mistake this as my feeling slighted, I do not care. I have not invited you to any of my major life events either. This is because we no longer know each other, and that is okay.


When I post an open invitation (ETA: IN A STATUS UPDATE) to join me for dinner at my favorite restaurant because I have special seating, this does not apply to you! I have posted this open invitation to my friends, my current friends, that I see regularly. I don't know who would be interested or available, hence why I posted it to FB. Again, not for you. I don't care that you're available or have been dying to go to this restaurant. At $125 a plate, you are not the person I'd drop big money to spend time with. Sorry, you won't be invited to dinner.



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