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Dear Fellow Dog Owners

Specifically, you dog owners who walk your dogs unleashed. Knock it off. I had a little run-in this evening with one of you. I was walking my dog, and your two dogs, both unleashed, rapidly approached my dog, who was on a leash. I, luckily, saw that your dogs were unleashed, and reigned my dog in tightly. This is part of my problem with you people. You decided your dogs don't need to be leashed, which means when I meet you on the street I basically have to choke my dog so she doesn't lunge for your dog. See, leashes aren't just to make sure your dog doesn't run off unaccompanied. I get it. Your dog is a special snowflake that is so well trained and friendly that they would never attack another dog or child. You're the bestest dog parent in the world. Fuck you. My dog is old, sick, and somewhat of a rescue, and was never properly socialized to deal with other dogs. If she is approached quickly by another dog she will lunge and snap to protect herself against what she sees as aggressive behavior. You saying "Oh, they're friendly!" does not change this fact. And when I say "Well, my dog isn't" do NOT respond with "oh, lighten up! Quit being so grumpy!" Again, fuck you. Seriously. If my dog had lunged and bitten this stupid person's dog, who do you think would be grumpy? I'll tell you - both of us. Me, because my dog would likely be reported to the authorities for "attacking" another dog, and you, because my much larger dog likely would have inflicted some serious damage to your very small dog. I am grumpy regardless of outcome because I basically had to choke my dog so she couldn't lunge at your dog, and you were really fucking condescending when you said "Lighten up!" So, all you people who think it's cute to walk your dog unleashed: PUT YOUR FUCKING DOG ON A FUCKING LEASH. It's for their protection, numbnuts.


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