I have been at work for almost 12 hours and there is no end in sight. I want to leave but my crazy coworker keeps emailing me.

A little background: I have had an enormous project thrust upon me and am expected to shepherd it through to completion in about two weeks. My coworkers - bless their hearts - really didn’t manage this project well and everyone is panicking now because it has to be completed before next week. Basically, I am responsible for a monster of a project that has a million moving parts and I wasn’t involved in the development phase, just asked to fix all the mess everyone else had made a week after starting this new position.

I really can’t work anymore today. I am exhausted and I have barely eaten all day. I need to set a boundary and just go the fuck home. But my coworker is panicking and won’t stop emailing me and I am having a hard time drawing a line in the sand.

I just need to make it to Tuesday, when this project will be (mostly) over and I can have a life again.

Here endeth my rant.