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Dear God what did Target do to that poor lady's hips? -- edited to add grainy pictures

Anybody else look through the glossies in the Saturday paper? The Target ad, page 8, is making my joints hurt. (edited - I took some pics with my digital camera, quality is less than ideal. Sorry about that.) ((This might have taken a ridiculous amount of time because I thought it wasn't uploading but the problem was my files were huge.))

Blonde on the top left — her photoshopping is horrendous. Well, it's possible she's not heavily photoshopped, but given Target's track record, I kinda doubt that.


First, her arms are super-thin — like the width of her smile and her elbow are almost the same. Which makes her torso look strangely wide. I mean, she's by no means at all large, but the juxtaposition (and that ugly-ass swimsuit) makes her proportions look off.

Meanwhile, her left side and her right side have been photoshopped in different styles. Sloped and smooth on her right, more angular on her left. And her left hip has been lowered? I think? I can't understand why the photographer would take the picture with the swimsuit fitting that weirdly on purpose....

I think they might have moved her bellybutton, too. Or stretched her torso. Then again she could be just really tall. (I'm so jealous of tall people. I need a step stool for practically anything.)


Lady in the middle also has that delightful arm-shaving on her right side.

Lady on the bottom has a positively ginormous arm by comparison, but she's in the 'mom' suit, after all, so I guess it's NBD for her. Not quite sure how she's holding that position seeing as her legs are walking towards the viewer and her torso is twisted back and away... but it's possible, I would think. She also has that odd one-side-of-her-swim-bottoms-are-noticeably-higher-than-the-other thing going on.




Girl with yellow inner tube on page 7: what is that inner tube doing to your elbow? Call for help while you still can! Also, why is the inner part of your left arm completely straight?


Bro on page 6: I see you, too, have felt the digital knife of photoshopping on your waistband area.

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