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I guess it's because August has sucked since it started, for me. I was fired at the very end of July and then the very obvious and sad tragedy of Robin Williams, Mike Brown; I found myself watching (of all things) True Blood.

For anyone who knows me personally (of which there is one person on GT), they know that during the majority of this shows run I couldn't help but bad mouth the tragedy that it was. It's like grown up Passions — which I loved — so it's so bad that it begins to loop back around to good again.


Having watched chunks of Seasons 2, 3 and 4.. I know some details. The internet also helped. So filling it the bits is kind of helping distract from the annoying Anna Pacquin. Say what you want, she and I stopped speaking when she sullied the role of Rogue in X-Men.

I am in the first couple episodes of Season 2 and thus far I have these questions and comments:

- Pam and Lafayette are life.

- I have been over Tara and her angry black woman 2 dimensional personality since episode three of the firsst season.

- Why is everyone so deep up Sookie's ass? Is this having to do with her being a faery? Can Eric tell that thus far?

- Can we just have a show about Eric and Pam?

- Who or what is Maryann? Bacchanalian demon (I watch too much paranormal/fantasy TV) I mean the drunkenness, the sex, the compulsive eating.


- So I haven't gotten to the introduction of Evan Rachel Woods character, but a I to assume that each state has it's own King or Queen? That's a lot of realms...

- Godrik, only ancient?

- Where did Pam come from? She speaks Old Norse like Eric, she pick that up or from that area/era?


- Anyone know if Eric/Alexander Skarsgaard is speaking Swedish in his random Viking/Norse jokes with Pam? If so, what's he saying?

- Oh and Baby Vamp Jess was more obnoxious than early season 5 Dawn from Buffy. I like how they kind of wrote in the "I command you as your maker" to avoid the whining drivel. I feel super awkward thinking she's hot though. :/

LOL at the Australian actor having the better southern accent than any of the American actors.

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