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Dear Groupthink I have a date on Wednesday

I need to figure something out and my wording isn't quite right. I know we all talk a lot about how casual sex is something women would be much more likely to engage in, if the physical and social consequences weren't so dire. But trying to explain that to men is sometimes like hitting my head against a brick wall. So I need a snappy go-to paragraph that sums it up. This is what I have so far.

Women need to know that any casual sexual partner understands consent, is not entitled, will not go crazy, and is in it for mutual fun and satisfaction. The consequences for hooking up with a guy who does not meet those basic requirements are bad sex at the least, to STDs, harassment, stalking, rape and getting killed. Women are literally murdered every day for not giving men what they want and feel entitled to, so this is why even when women are open to casual sex, it does not happen overnight.

Yes, I know #notallwomen, but you get my point.

ETA: I'm not expecting, nor do I want to casually hook up with this guy. This is more something that I've been chewing on for awhile, since it seems very hard for men to understand how risky dating is for women.


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