Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dear GT

In a couple of hours I'll be taking off til next Monday. I left $60 on the counter in case you need gas or want to order a pizza some night. I wasn't about to leave a credit card again after what happened last time. Feel free to eat anything in the kitchen, especially the perishables. If you go out, please lock the door and turn out the lights, though if you want to leave one light on in the living room that's fine. I know you like to turn the exhaust fan on in the shower when you shower - I do too - but turn it off when you're done. If you want to have a friend over to watch tv or movies some night, you can as long as it's not Eric. Eric gives me the creeps. Finally, NO PARTIES! I can't stress this enough. If I come back and find out you've had a party here, well, someone won't be getting that new car for graduation.


Carl Grimes-Purrkins


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