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Dear GT,

I had a super weird night.

For my first official post (YAY thank you mods!), I'm going to tell you all about an awkward encounter I had this evening while Out On The Town.

I was out with some friends at trivia night - which was awesome, by the way. Did you know that okapis are most closely related to giraffes? I did! 10 points, oh yeah. After trivia the guy running it came over to our table and started chatting with us. He was pretty cool, but the entire time we talked I was going nuts trying to figure out why he looked so familiar. Maybe it was the Seth Rogen curly hair and square glasses?


At one point the conversation turned to local bands, and Trivia Dude took the opportunity to hand out cards promoting his band's new album. I slammed my hand on the table, pointed at him (which in hindsight was kind of rude) and yelled, "I KNEW YOU LOOKED FAMILIAR!" Turns out Trivia Dude is the frontman of the band my ex used to play in. I saw them play in dive bars around the cities for close to a year. We even went to Perkins together once after a show!

What do you say after that? "So, how is [ex] doing? Still dating that girl I knew about back when I still facebook creeped?" (Apparently not. Also, don't judge me GT.) What kind of weird world is this that we're having this conversation?

So, yeah. That was my weird run-in of the night. I guess it just kind of happens when you live in the same place for the majority of your life. Any weird small-world awkward meetings for you people lately?

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