Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Thank you. Thank you for being place where we're allowed to feel things. Where we can be happy, sad, pissed off, bored, ecstatic, outraged, depressed, lonely, in love, amorous, content, and so much more with equal measure.

Thank you for being a space where it's ok to care about things. Where we don't have to watch our language just in case someone's racist great aunt doesn't like our tone. Thank you for letting us be real, scars and all, even under assumed identities. Thank you for making me feel welcome and accepted, and sharing your lives with me in ways I'd otherwise never be aware of. Thank you for telling your stories, and introducing us to new perspectives and concepts. Thank you for making us laugh, cry, band together, and have reasonable discourse.


I signed into an account I had long since abandoned, and then it struck me just how buttoned up, fake, and silencing a lot of it really was to me. Polite people don't openly talk about real things, you know. So here I am writing this sincere and sappy love note because I'm happy we can be a little real here.

So yeah, thanks.


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