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A final pregnancy/breastfeeding/spawning post before I finally get this kid out of me.

I'm due in three weeks and I have no idea what I'm doing. I've never had to deal with babies before. You got questions about surly teenagers? I have answers. I am an expert on fifteen year olds. But babies? You have to feed them and diaper them and not drop them and whatnot, but that's where my knowledge ends. Can any of you who have parented answer any of these questions?


1. I need to order a breast pump this week. If you used one, was there a brand you loved or hated?

2. Diapers, man. I was completely overwhelmed with all the different options at BJs. My husband has strongly vetoed cloth diapers and it's not a battle I'm all that invested in fighting. Anyone know of a reasonably priced, not too horrible on the environment brand that successfully deals with my kid's bodily fluids?

3. Was there any baby gear that you absolutely 100% recommend that a new parent have? Or, conversely, any baby gear you found absolutely useless?

4. Am I really never, ever going to sleep again? How long after you had a kid did it take for you to feel a little better rested and more confident?


5. Tell me about going into labor. My mom had C-sections and has no frame of reference to share with me. Anything you'd recommend or not recommend?

6. The nausea, heartburn, etc end once the baby is born, right? Please? I'm so sick of feeling sick this trimester. So puking. Very heartburn. Wow. I'm starting to feel like I'll never feel well again.


7. Share your best baby-rearin' advice. OR, share the worst baby-rearin' advice you ever got.

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