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Dear GT Parents

What are your social networking rules for your kids (under 13)? Asking because I balked at a 40+ year old parent posting a list of rules, only to have a multiple parents all of the same age shoot me down with a "you don't know anything this is the right way to go" (including my mom, so I just backed out of that one because disagreeing with your mom's parenting decisions publicly is probably...not a great idea). The rules included:

-You'll never have your own passwords, and if you need to change a password instead of just changing it and telling the parent you have to tell the parent that you want to change it and then the parent has to physically change it for you

-Your private messages will be read by the parent whenever they want - I want to clarify that this bothers me so much because it's a matter of "now that I have the technology to stalk all my kid's conversations, I will." Back when parents couldn't bug their kids when they were going out to play parents just had to trust that the conversations were fine without actively reading every conversation and ruining any sense of having a friend-to-friend conversation with someone - it's always friend-to-friendsmom-to-friendsmom-to-friend.


-An extra rule to say "don't circumvent these rules". Because if the kid is going to break the rule by circumventing it, the way to solve that problem is to make another rule about not breaking the first rule. Breaking one rule is fine, but two? Nevermind!

After I pushed the issue the person who posted it said it was meant for people under 13, thus I can apparently never understand - although I'm much closer to 13 than he was, so that doesn't make much sense to me. Am I being crazy? Is this a normal ruleset for parents? You guys are actually reasonable people and I don't know him, so I trust you to tell me the truth here. Not responding to the thread on FB anymore anyway because, like I said, there is no way I'm wading into a parenting discussion that my mom is part of that we disagree on.

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