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Dear GT: you do more for me than you'll ever know

I had a shitstorm of a day. Like, it just spiraled out of control, and I tend to always have crazy Fridays. I am also suffering from some sort of very VERY angry pre-menstrual rage. I think it is because I'm stretched pretty thin at work. I'm stretched very thin right now, and my bosses know and we are discussing some solutions so I'm happy about that, but on top of my normal stress, it was just a Day Of Bullshit.

Like, for instance, at my job where we teach art classes (and I have the misfortune of running the whole deal), almost all the light bulbs went out at the same time. Like, I watched it. This afternoon. WTF? After an electrician was there to fix a couple broken things. Before a really busy weekend. On a wild scavenger hunt for a 16 foot ladder, I ended up getting a really tall guy to help me from a smaller ladder, WHO I WAS INTERVIEWING FOR A JOB because he witnessed me come very close to a meltdown when the electrician couldn't come back with his big ladder and help me out.


So, anyway, I hired this guy, haha. I was already decided because he seems perfect, and then he says, "HML, what can I do to just help you out this afternoon?" with absolutely no confirmation that he was hired or we'd pay him or anything. I JUST DIED AND HE HAD THE MOST INAPPROPRIATE JOB INTERVIEW EVER. So I hired him and bought him a milkshake.

In addition to that, a bunch of people who we are supposed to be training were in my hair all afternoon. They were supposed to arrive at 6-6:30 and they got there at 3:30 an stared at me. During this meltdown/job interview.

Then, one of the billions of people I sort of work for/with was around. She is normally my favorite, because she just is REALLY on top of her shit and keeps me on top of mine, but I am not on top of mine so there was a lot of ...ehmm... reminding me of missed deadlines and all kinds of problems.

Now to the point, so I can stroke your GT-egos. On my way home, I was trying to calm down. I just couldn't. I couldn't think of ANYTHING. I determined that I would come home and eat some pot brownie - I don't specifically love this solution because then I get the munchies and do stupid things, and it actually makes it difficult for me to sleep.


Instead, I just check GT for a second, read a few replies and just some general, inconsequential shit, and in like 15 minutes, I am relaxed and I can envision the pile of work I have to do this weekend as...doable.

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