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UPDATE: Here are a couple of screenshots of the response I sent him, along with his. After the last message I sent, I promptly blocked him. I don't have time for this kind of bullshit in my life. Though, sadly, he did offer to buy me Indian food at one of my favorite restaurants, and I'm so hungry for some paneer makhani. Not hungry enough to put up with his bullshit, though.

ETA- I have no idea why that second screenshot is huge. Sorry.


—Original post—

After dealing with the weirdness of the "couple" (i.e., guy) I was dealing with yesterday, I decided to add to my profile an all-caps declaration that I was not interested in couples, that if they were looking for a unicorn they needed to look elsewhere. I was very clear that I am NOT INTERESTED.

After posting that, my profile blew up. It must have posted to the main OKC page "activity", because in the last 1/2 hour since I posted it, I've had at least 100 guys look at my profile. I'm cute, if I may say so, but I don't usually have that much traffic. And then I got this gem of message:


I don't understand this guy. Does he truly think I would say I am if I'm not? Like I would lie to titillate men? Also, as this is his first message to me, he seems to think that my sexuality is his business, something that I would want to discuss right away? Why would you ask someone that?! The only reason he went there right away, I believe, is that he wants a threesome. It's all just so headsmackingly entitled.

So if there are any guys reading this, please don't be like this guy. It's unspeakably rude, disrespectful, not to mention lame.

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